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Stop using the wrong pricing and budget models for custom software and web projects

The six million dollar question of “how much will it cost?” causes many heads to fall into open palms because we’re using the wrong pricing and budgeting models. Your custom website or app project will be unique from all others. It will share many similarities with other software projects, in much the same way that […]

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I Want You!

I want you out sells I need you. No-one walks into an Apple store needing a new iPad or MacBookPro or iMac but virtually everyone who does wants one! And if they didn’t before they went in they very soon do. That’s the way with all but the essential purchases in life, need is secondary […]

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Are you farming or hunting?

I attend a regular early morning breakfast networking event and I’d like to share with you something that I’ve learned recently about relationship marketing. One of the members of the group, David Rhodes of Horizon Business Agents, gave a short presentation in which he made the simple but effective analogy of hunters and framers with […]

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