Choosing the right web professional for your project

In such a vast industry as Internet marketing and web development it’s not surprising that the quality and credibility of practitioners ranges from charlatans to the saints.

The industry has no regulations nor governing body and very little legislation – on one hand this can be a good thing because it embodies the free spirit of the Internet but on the other it opens the door for malpractice and downright thievery.

So how do you protect yourself from the fly by nights and poor quality?

Do your research, ask questions

Recommendation is undoubtedly the best way of ensuring that anyone you appoint is potentially up to the task. Talk to your peers and associates and find out who they’ve used in the past. Even then do your own research,  check out their existing clients.

Call their clients, ask questions:

  • What were they like to work with?
  • Did they describe their process up front so there were no surprises?
  • Did they deliver within the agreed time frame? 
  • How well did they communicate each stage of the process?
  • Has their work generated positive results?

Recommendation or not here are a few more guidelines that will help you to choose professionals who have the success of your project at heart.

  • Who are they? Is it easy to see who’s behind the business?
  • Where does their heritage lie? 
  • Do they offer training and support?
  • Do they start off by asking you questions about what you want to achieve from the project?
  • Are they interested in tailoring a solution to your goals and budget?
  • What mechanisms do they have in place to protect each party? Do they carry professional indemnity insurance?
  • Are they members of associations that you are familiar with?

If they’re operating as a limited company check them out, make sure they’re bone fide. Use a tool like Company Check If that throws up questions then ask them – a true professional will not mind you seeking clarity before you sign up.

Download or pass it on

If you’re actively seeking to appoint an internet marketer or web developer then I hope this has been of use to you. I’ve made a single page tip sheet for you to download and keep for future reference: Choosing a web professional (PDF 94KB)

Alternatively if you’re not currently looking for one but you know of someone who is then send them a link to this article or a copy of the tip sheet it might just help them make a more informed choice.

Have your say

What’s your experience been, do you have any more tips to share to help others? Let me know in the comments below.

Alex Adams

Alex has been designing, developing and managing software projects since 1998. He is a multidisciplinary developer and has worked with a number of languages, technologies and frameworks. When he's not developing, he's a busy husband and dad who finds a bit of time to train for triathlon events.

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