Why being #1 on Google sucks!

The conversation goes like this:

Me: What’s your number one internet marketing goal?

Client: We want to be on the first page of Google.

Me: Tell me why.

Client: Because that’ll give us more sales.

Me: OK. How’s your website performing right now?

Client: Well we don’t get that many enquiries.

Me: Why do you think that is?

Client: Because we’re not on the front page of Google.

Stop it now!

Flawed thinking leads to misplaced resource

Businesses are wasting thousands of pounds and dollars every month chasing the SEO rainbow when they could be getting much better results more cost effectively by focusing their efforts on getting their sites to convert successfully.

Flawed thinking has pervaded the mindset of businesses, based on the perception that SEO is king. An idea that’s been eased along by liberal doses of snake oil peddled by some who are primarily concerned with getting rich off your naivety rather than being focused on helping you to increase your sales and sales enquiries.

Appearing at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPS) is not the be all and end all that it’s cracked up to be and for some it could suck!

Damaging for your brand

The root cause of an under performing website lies in the site itself not its position in the SERPS. If an under performing site does find itself at number one in a Google search then it suddenly becomes front and centre and that could be potentially damaging for your brand.

Imagine if everyone who visits your site leaves in a few short seconds (Bounces) because they didn’t find what they were looking for or your site just didn’t do it for them.Line drawing of a man begging

The causes of this could be a poorly designed site and by poorly designed I’m talking about a poor fit for purpose not necessarily the visual appearance although that plays a massive part on how people view, react and interact with your site.

The more people that bounce the more damaging it becomes for your brand and you then have a greater challenge because eventually people will stop clicking through and you will cease to be relevant as far as the search engines are concerned and will start to slide down the SERPS.

Compelling content produces results

It’s time to rethink the primary goal of your internet marketing. Start focusing on generating quality leads and sales.

Here’s a simple three step plan:

  1. Profile your ideal or target clients or customers
  2. Develop engaging content that speaks directly to your target client or customers
  3. Create compelling calls to action (CTA)

Understand who your customers are and how you can solve their problem now then start to craft phenomenal content that will speak directly to them.

Take the visitor on a journey {Click to Tweet}

Everything should be progressing them to the end goal. Make it crystal clear what the next step is, whether it’s to add product to a shopping cart or to pick up the phone and call you or to complete an enquiry form. Regardless, if you’ve done your job properly then they will be compelled to respond, to follow through.

Do this and you’ll start to see results. Only when your site is performing well should you be concerned by your position in Google searches.

I hope this helps you to start thinking differently about the misplaced emphasis on being number one on Google. And that your energies and more importantly capital investments will yield far better returns if you focus on content first.

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Alex Adams

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