Time to tidy

I recently took voluntary redundancy to concentrate fully on my fledgling web development business and as I was tidying the kitchen after a leisurely breakfast this morning it occurred to me that I never take account of nor plan in the time to tidy.

In all tasks there is a need to to tidy up at the end – all so often when preparing a schedule for the day or week I omit the time to tidy.  The net result being a knock on effect on the next task thus compounding  the frustration experienced because I already grossly underestimated the amount of time required to perform the task in the first place.

Solution – Always consider the time to tidy – It seems obvious when you write it down or discuss it with a friend but you’d be amazed at how many of us never really account for it. I’m going to attempt to address this by adding 10 – 15 minutes to each task when I prepare my schedules or aim to finish 10 – 15 minutes earlier to allow for it.

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